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MD Sophie Forrest delighted to announce the launch of Forrest Health & Wellbeing

ForrestHR has long since promoted the business benefits of employers actively supporting their staff’s health and wellbeing within the workplace, offering workshops, training courses and professional support.

And now more than ever, during the current crisis, it is absolutely crucial that companies invest in their employee’s wellbeing to achieve commercial success in 2021.

According to a report from The Office of National Statistics, the proportion of people in the UK reporting moderate to severe depressive symptoms increased to 19.2% in June 2020 from 9.7% in March 2020, with the number of adults experiencing some form of depression in the UK doubling during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Almost 85% of adults who reported some form of depression cited that their wellbeing was being impacted through anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic.

Focussing on the importance of Health & Wellbeing

With these factors in mind, ForrestHR’s founder and MD Sophie Forrest has developed a new arm of the business focussing solely on health & wellbeing in the workplace, delivering in depth programmes to companies of all sizes.

Sophie outlined the rationale and objectives of the new offering: “Forrest Health & Wellbeing offers a unique service in that it is a holistic, proactive MOT approach to provide effective, coherent support for staff in all the areas of their life that can cause them stress and contribute to poor wellbeing, such as financial literacy and nutritional knowledge, alongside physical and mental health understanding and support”.

Forrest Health & Wellbeing’s unique two step approach

Forrest Health & Wellbeing believe that supporting your employees with their health and wellbeing is a crucial part to your business’s success, so we have developed two bespoke programmes offering a unique service delivered by industry experts:

Introduction to Health & Wellbeing

This is a 12-week introduction to health and wellbeing, that includes two-way feedback across the entire business with senior management interviews and employee engagement surveys. The outcomes are then analysed, and a programme of educational presentations are recommended to educate and help staff in the areas identified as requiring more support.

Health & Wellbeing Champion

This is a 12 monthy programme which can be a follow on from the Introduction or a standalone course. This includes an online support and resource portal, a dedicated Health & Wellbeing manager, workplace assessments and medical assessments, therapies and expert workshops all delivered in the workplace over the course of the year.

Once a business has taken part in the Champion programme they will be fully endorsed as a Forrest Health & Wellbeing Champion with supporting logo to promote their dedication to this important aspect of business.

Delivered by Experts

To deliver these extensive and informative programmes, Forrest Health & Wellbeing have formed an expert delivery team including qualified financial advisors, estate planners and therapists.

The programmes are also endorsed by West Kent Mind, a local independent charity affiliated to the national organisation Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, and the best-known champion of mental health challenges.

West Kent Mind’s support comes from their extensive knowledge, making the point that this is an ideal time for the launch of the Forrest Health & Wellbeing as many of the known triggers for mental ill-health – such as increased isolation, financial uncertainty, unemployment, health concerns, disruption to routines, poor work-life balance and sleep deprivation – have been exacerbated by the current pandemic.

Bringing Health & Wellbeing to the forefront of your business

If you would like more information about Forrest Health & Wellbeing’s programmes, go to or call us on 01892 726060.

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